Typical Project Scope of Work

Designing and Planning

Project Oversight - Act as Owners' Representatives with Project Managers,
Architects, and Engineers on Critical Mission Structures, Office Complexes,
Offices, and Remote Locations.

Provide expertise, as necessary, for the creation of new and/or alternative

Verify accuracy of all Construction Documentation per Owners’ Requirements
(electrical, mechanical, UPS’s, generators, finishes, etc.).

Provide design, layout, material list, budget, and project plan for the Network
Infrastructure and Physical Security.

Tender (Bid) Process -- Network Infrastructure and Physical


Secure a minimum of three (3) qualified Network Infrastructure and Security
Contractors for each Bid. The selection process for Bidders is based on the
following: certification of material, quality of workmanship, size of staff based on
the projects, and multiple references.


Oversight of General Contractor verifying that they are providing and installing all
items per the design and bid specification, and are on track in all areas per the
project plan.

Schedule, Project Manage, and Provide quality control of the Network
Infrastructure Contractor and Physical Security Contractor(s).

Coordination Liaison between General Contractor and Network Infrastructure
Contractor/Security Contractor.

Provide regular detailed reports/photos to Owner in real time.

Coordinate installation of the WAN Circuits, PBX Circuits, PBX Systems, POT’s
Lines, and WAN Equipment.


Network Infrastructure and Physical Security.

Coordinate and Verify the commissioning of WAN Equipment, PBX, AV, UPS,
Generators, and other systems per Owners’ requirements.

Project Closeout

Provide complete Project Closeout Documentation including As-Built drawings,
Certified Cable Test Results, Warranties, and Post Project Team Evaluation and Feedback.

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